Range of applications

Soils, areas and containers need to resist different functional stress. This will be guaranteed, among other things, by using properly and professional coatings.

Especially industrial firms making comprehensive requirements to the right coating system such as high resistance to shock load and impact, high abrasion resistance, evenness of the surface and good cleanability, chemical resistance, excellent flame properties as soon as tightness.

In terms of environmentally responsible and protection coatings must comply fully with the Water Resources Act (WHG).The technical requirements for plants handling with water-hazardous materials, depending on the type of plant, differs to LAU or HBV and water hazard classes (WGK). According to law the works to such plants must be performed by a specialised company such as the German Water Management Act (WHG) and Regulations on Facilities Handling Substances Dangerous to Water (VAwS). WHG-Coatings are inter alia used for catch basins, joints, eaves, separator systems.

Conductive coatings serve the avoidance of electrostatic discharges as it can occur in printing plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, gas compressor stations and last but not least in the chemical, electronical industry and oil industry. Also here the legal standards must be fulfilled.

We are also coating and renovating other, unusual buildings respectively components. Our coating systems are very versatile and flexible in use.

In this way we can line gutters or coating pipes and piping components and therefore it will durable and permanently sealed.

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